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To get the 5 Star Dad Set ZIP file with the webset in it, click 5stardadset.zip.

Greetings and Helloes!

The 5 Star Dad web set or background set, had been created with the needs of the "newbie" and the "oldbie" in mind. I did this so anyone, regardless of HTML knowledge could do a simple, nice page for their own, or someone else's father. It can be used for Father's Day, birthday, or any special occasion where you want to show a dad your appreciation.

To see a screen shot of the entire set without "SAMPLE" written on it, click here. A new window will open for you, but it may take a while to load, as it is ONE image and not several individual ones.

For the "newbie", all you need to do is write whatever you want to say to Dad in this space. You can use "Notepad" in your computer or any HTML program you might have. Full instructions are in a text file in the ZIP file.

You will need to download the ZIP file in order to get graphics that do not say "sample" on them. I am forced to do this as people steal my bandwidth if I do not. (Yes, I know other sets are available on my site that do not say "SAMPLE" all over them. I am in the process of re-doing my site so that all images will say "SAMPLE" over them, but it is a BIG job and will take a long time) .

For the "oldbie", this set includes several buttons in gif format that are ready to use. There is also a blank button in PSD format for you to create whatever buttons you may need. (Yes, PSD works in Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop, PhotoImpact, and a lot of other programs)

The font I used is called "Algerian". It came with one of my computer programs, but I do not know which one.  You are free to use the web set to create whatever page you would like for dad, as long as the page can be viewed by anyone of any age and/or has no hateful material on it or linked to it.

If you know HTML and want to tinker with it and create your own web page using this set, that is OK, too. Just be sure to link to my online store. The link info is below. You can change it if you like, as long as it links to http://www.cafeshops.com/ameriwear , you will be within the Terms of Use of this web set.

The background is designed to be used in CSS  style sheet code. I have designed this set with the needs of DAD in mind. The set is meant to load as fast as possible on nearly any computer no matter how slow the modem. This is to help prevent "newbies" from accidently crashing Dad's PC.

You will need an UNzipping program to read the instructions and/or get your graphics. If you do not already have one, you can use a free demo for a few days. You can get the demo and instructions to use it at:

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME AND ASK ME HOW TO USE WINZIP! I am semi-disabled and I do not get onto the PC very often. I may not get your email in time.

To get the 5 Star Dad Set ZIP file with the webset in it, click 5stardadset.zip.

This set is meant to compliment  items I sell to support this site and its cost. It IS linkware. You must link to my AmeriWear online mini-mall at:

If you choose to use the "newbie" page, do not worry about it. The code you need is all there for you. You will only need to write your message to Dad.  (Instructions are provided for you in the ZIP folder. Just look for the file in the folder called "newbie.txt". It will tell you all you need to know to make a nice web page for Dad.)

The link code can be very small, as we really do not need for it to glare at Dad when he sees it, do we? Here is an example of how the code will look on the newbie page:

Graphics by AmeriYank's Graphics Farm. T-shirts, caps, and more with the "5 Star Dad" image available at AmeriWear. Great gift for Father's Day, birthday, or other special occasion.

Now that isn't so bad, is it? It can be at the very bottom of the page, out of the way so no one notices. And, yes, of course you can buy Dad a hat, cap, or license plate frame that matches the colors here by visiting AmeriWear. Shirts are designed in a similar way, but not exactly, because, well, it just didn't look good as seen here, so I changed the design a teensy little bit.

Below is a sample of the buttons that go with the set:
5 star dad web or background set back button. 5 Star Dad background or web set email button. 5 Star Dad background or web set home button.  5 Star Dad background or web set links button.
5 Star Dad web or background set next button.  5 Star Dad web or background set photos button.  5 Star Dad web or background set sign button.  5 Star Dad web or background set view button.   5 Star Dad web or background set blank button.
if you like, you can use the button below to link to AmeriWear:
5 Star Dad web or background set credit button for AmeriWear and AmeriYank's Graphics Farm.

Shirts and other items look like this:
Image of 5 Star Dad T-shirt as shown at www.cafeshops.com/ameriwear

That's it! HAPPY CREATING! And...you can get the ZIP file for this set and all the instructions for a "newbie" by clicking here.