From the time I was nine, until I was twelve, we lived in the North Beach district of San Francisco. My best friend, Sharon, and I, would wander all over the place, from the North Beach bookstores to Coit Tower to Aquatic Park and Fisherman's Wharf. This was, in a sense, our playground.

One day, near the bookstores we frequented, there was a rather outlandish woman speaking quite loudly to the crowd at a stop light. Our parents had warned us about talking to strangers, and this lady, quite frankly, frightened us a little.

When the light changed, and the crowd dispersed, the lady turned to us and said, "Well, girls, I suppose you want my autograph, too." Thinking she was one of the people our parents had warned us about, we quickly said, "Thank you, no" and ran across the strret as fast as our pre-teen legs could carry us.

During the summer, both Sharon and I had no bedtime. We went to bed when we felt like it. Thus, we often caught Johnny Carson. About a week after our encounter with the crazy lady on the corner, she turned up as Janis Joplin on the late night show. Sharon and I said to each other later, "I think we made a biiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake."

Janis Joplin's "Pearl"

I was never much of a Janice Joplin fan, but I love the music on this CD. It was her last work, released after her death from a drug overdose.

Look for more Janice Joplin music. Just write janice joplin in the search box and see what else is available for your listening pleasure.

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