One sunny fall afternoon in 1988, I was in a long line with a crowd of other people. Being the shy, retiring person I am, I began to introduce myself and chat with those around me. One of them was a very nice marine biologist from the next county. Her last name was Newman and I teased her about being Paul Newman's daughter. She laughed and said he was a cool guy. It was just a chance meeting with a nice lady I never saw again.

Years later, I saw an article about Paul Newman's daughter, who is a marine biologist. I was stunned when I saw the picture, as it was the same very nice lady I had stood with in line. I can say that Mr. Newman must be a very cool guy, indeed, to have raised such a nice lady.

Cool Hand Luke

The very first Paul Newman movie I ever saw in a movie theater was "Cool Hand Luke". I was 11. Prior to this, I only watched him on our black and white TV. This movie was about a man in a chain gang. At my young age, I was impressed by two things, and in this order:
1) that the main character, Luke, ate all those eggs
2) how the special effects people made his eyes sooooo blue

I am probably the only young girl who ever fell in love with Paul Newman because he ate a lot of eggs!

Look for more Paul Newman movies. Just write paul newman in the search box and see what else there is for your enjoyment.

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