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Green Shamrock Tubes --Royalty-free tubes and Super Blade Pro Presets.

St. Patrick's Day Tubes

JadeCat's St. Patrick's Day Tubes --hats, pots of gold, etc.

PSP Tubes St. Patrick's Day --leprechauns and shamrocks.

Irish FlagWear -- T-shirts, caps, posters, etc. with the Flag of Ireland.

Using Irish Parts -- T-shirts & other items say "Assembled in USA using Irish parts".

Welcome to AmeriYank's Graphics Farm's Candy Irish Shamrocks. The Terms of Use are located in the ZIP folder, along with optional linking images. Use of these tube images for anything indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Use, which is also found below the image samples.

Irish shamrocks were created by me in Paint Shop Pro 7, using an image I created and Super Blade Pro Presets of my own invention. All images are:
Copyright 2004-2006 Mary Morris/AmeriYank. All rights reserved.

When you install the tubes, they will have transparent backgrounds. The ZIP tube files also include my Terms of Use. Tubes are shown actual size.

Looking for something Irish? Try my online mini-mall, AmeriYank's AmeriWear: Irish Flag Stuff. There you will find an assortment of T-shirts, caps, hats, b-b-q aprons, license plate frames, mugs and a whole lot more. All items have been designed by me and are not available any where else.

The Plug-in Site -- great place to find wonderful resources for Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs.

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To download a candy Irish shamrock, just click the link below the one(s) you want.


Dark Chocolate Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Milk Chocolate Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Striped Chocolate Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

White Chocolate Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Cherry Gumdrop Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Grape Gumdrop Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Lemon Gumdrop Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Orange Gumdrop Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Licorice Gumdrop Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

Peppermint Irish Shamrock PSP Tube

You may use these Irish shamrock candy image for anything you wish EXCEPT:

1) to sell or distribute the digital image(s), in its(their) digital form, as it(they) is(are), in any digital format
2) for anything harmful to children, not considered "child-friendly", and/or anything illegal
3) for anything pornographic

You MAY:

1) create a NEW and different digital image(s), using all or a portion of the original work, as a part of your NEW image.
2) sell or give away said new image(s) as you see fit, provided that said NEW image(s) is NOT used for anything illegal, harmful to children, not considered "child-friendly", and/or pornographic.
3) Use image for T-shirts or other print material you wish to sell, subject to #2 above.
4) send the ZIP folder(s) as it(they) is(are) to a friend or email group, provided all files are intact and unchanged.

Original Irish shamrock candy image(s) was(were) drawn in Paint Shop Pro 7 by me. I own and claim copyright to it(them). The Irish shamrock candy images in these ZIP folders were enhanced with Blade Pro Presets of my own creation.

In order to protect my copyright (and not because I am trying to make anything difficult for anybody), any use of these image(s) MUST include the following copyright information:

"Copyright 2004 Mary Morris/AmeriYank. All rights reserved."

If you create a NEW image, using all or a portion of my original work, you MUST use the following copyright information when you distribute, show or sell the NEW image in any form:

"Copyright 20__ YOUR NAME and Mary Morris/AmeriYank. All rights reserved."

Make sure you CHANGE the "20__" to reflect the year you created your image. For example, if you make your image in 2004, change 20__ to 2004. If you make your image in 2010, change 20__ to 2010, etc.

AmeriYank the Happy American
Copyright Mary Morris/AmeriYank 2006


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