I sent the following email to those that subscribe to "AmeriYank's Friday Freebie". So many people wrote and asked for permission to post it on their web site, I thought I would post it on my own. The graphics are posted below, along with the ZIP file I sent to the list.

Dear Friends,

I had planned to continue our treatment of the butterfly image we have been adding to in the past weeks.

We have many new members this week, and I want to assure them that, normally, we just simply do something fun. But my heart is not in it this week.

This list is international in its members. Brits, Aussies, Canadians, people from many other countries subscribe. And the horror of the actions of the murderous vermin who chose to use our own citizens as human bombs has effected us all.

Last night, the reality of what has happened sunk in. I learned from news reports, that the World Trade Center, is, indeed, an international place. The United States is not alone in the great loss of life that occured there on Tuesday. While Britain, Ireland, and Japan seem to have suffered the heaviest losses, next to ours, Mexico and other countries have lost their citizens and loved ones as well. May I extend my condolences and sympathies to these allies, as they have been so supportive to the United States at this time.

I wish to thank our Canadian friends for allowing planes destined for the USA to land in their airspace. I wish to thank all citizens of European Union countries for their support and aid, as well.

I have created two animations. One is mostly for US people, the other for all of us. The words in the animation come from a flag which flew in the early days of our country, it contained the words, "Don't tread on me." I altered it a bit for our modern purposes. Send it wherever you like, and when you do, please say a quiet prayer for the innocent victims of this horrendous act of terrorism.

In the last few days, I have been touched by the emails and instant messages which have come to me from all over the world. Americans know we are not alone, and we are most appreciative of your support.

On several lists I belong to, I have read posts from people who express fear. They no longer feel safe in our country, the country of their heritage, the country of their home.

And so I say, if you fear, the terrorists win. It is what they banked on. It is what they want. It is partly the reason they murdered so many innocents, both American and otherwise.

In the immortal words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who led our country through its most difficult days, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

If we fear them, they win. Do not let them win.

Thank you,

AmeriYank's Graphics Farm

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