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These tubes were created using the freeware "Christian Crosses" Font by Unauthorized Font

The two stained glass tubes were created using stained glass panel tubes made by Francis Ellis. These tubes are available through AOL's tube site. I have received Francis Ellis' permission to post the tubes for non-AOL users. You can obtain them by clicking here.

Note: except for the stained glass images, when you install the tubes, they will be on a transparent background. I saved them for display on the web page as a JPG file, to limit download time. PSP files will not show on a web page, anyway. The download link will provide a ZIP folder with the tubes and my Terms of Use file.

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The Plug-in Site -- great place to find wonderful resources for Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs.


AmeriYank's amazing grace stained glass cross tube AmeriYank's Jesus stained glass cross tube

AmeriYank's stained glass marriage cross tube AmeriYank's stained glass butterfly cross tube

AmeriYank's stained glass angel
above angel mouse-drawn by AmeriYank

AmeriYank's Stained Glass Cross and Angel Tubes
(download all the tubes above)


AmeriYank's risen Christ cross in wood and white tube AmeriYank's gold cross with ruby heart tube

AmeriYank's Risen Christ and Gold Cross with Ruby Heart Tubes
(both tubes above)

ameriyank fly home angel

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