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Are the graphics on AmeriYank's Graphics Farm public domain?
NO!!! The works on these pages are copyrighted, but they ARE ROYALTY FREE. I retain the copyright to my creations, and the artists whose work I use retain the copyright to their creations. We just let you use it because we are nice.

Can I use the graphics on AmeriYank's Graphics Farm for my PERSONAL WEB SITE?
YES!!! UNLESS you are putting up a pornography, "adult", or hate site, OR anything illegal.

Can I use work on AmeriYank's Graphics Farm for my business or commercial site?
You may use the graphics on this site for WEB PAGES only. You may NOT sell them in any way or use them for any other purpose but web pages. You may NOT use these graphics and graphic's tools on pornography, "adult", or hate sites, OR sites with anything illegal on them. If you have a personal or commercial site and want to use one of the background sets on your page(s), that is fine. If you wish to use anything on this site to create something new for your site, that is fine, too.

My main concern about my web site is that someone will sell my work on a CD, distribute it for free on the internet, or sell or distribute in some other way, which would be really unfair as most of the art is NOT original. I am a designer, not an artist. I use other people's work,with their permission, usually dingbat fonts or tubes, to create my background sets and animation. The tubes are either my own work or from dingbat fonts. The reason for all the copyright notices on this site is to insure I do not give up my copyrights or the copyrights of others. However, the gradients, textures, presets, wallpapers and other graphic's tools are my work alone.

The use of my work is CareWare, in the hopes that the idea of Paul Lutus, creator of the web page making program, Arachnophilia, will spread. Just don't sell the graphics on these pages yourself, and we shall all remain nice friends. If you wish to donate to my web site, just click the "donate" button at the top, left. If I collect enough donations, I will pay my server to dump the ad banner at the top of each page and to defray the cost of the domain name. If I receive more than that from donations, I will be very surprised. So, I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

What about the graphics on your CDs? If I buy them, what can I use them for?
The graphics on my CDs have very liberal terms of use. Do read the Terms of Use on the order pages for more clarification, but, basically, with a few limitations, you can use those graphics for anything you like EXCEPT: pornography, hate, "adult" material, or anything illegal. NOR can you sell or distribute (that includes emailing to a list or to a friend) the actual graphic in its digital form.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not you can use graphics given away at this site, or on my CDs email me about your specific situation, and I will answer you.

Why do some of your pages insist on a link back to AmeriYank's Graphics Farm?
Because I would APPRECIATE a link back to my site, but it is up to you and your own sense of right and wrong. There are link buttons you can use all over my site. Just pick the one you like!

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A link back to my sight is appreciated, but not mandatory. You may use the buttons below if you wish. Right-click on your choice to save it to your hardrive and then upload to your own server.

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Clicking on the angel below, when you see it throughout the site, will always send you to the main index page.

The works on these pages are for the personal use of the downloader on their personal web pages and may not be uploaded to any electronic system or BBS for redistribution nor included in any compact disk (CD-ROM) or collection of any type without my written permission. To do so places the downloader /user at risk of severe fines and penalties for copyright infringement.

Click here to get the FAQS about using the graphics at AmeriYank's Graphics Farm

A link back to my site is appreciated, but not mandatory. You may use the buttons below if you wish. Right-click on your choice to save it to your hardrive and then upload to your own server.

For Terms of Use for purchased graphics (the ones on my CDs), please see information on the order pages for those products.

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This site, including all graphics and tubes are 1999-2001 AmeriYank. All rights reserved.


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