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In this section of AmeriYank's Graphics Farm, you will find graphics which might interest people from Liverpool, England. All graphics were created with art sent to me over the last several years by "me Scouser mates", both in the USA and across the Great Pond. There isn't much, as I am a BIG CHICKEN about copyright laws. I am reasonably sure that the images here violate no laws, but I would be happy to remove anything which upsets the Liverpool footie team or the great city of Liverpool, itself. Of course, I would then be forced to place an explanation on this site as to why a particular item was removed, along with the email address of the injured party to enable any Scousers visiting to send their condolences.

There are, on these pages, a few tubes for Paint Shop Pro, backgrounds, and two animations I made when I was just learning. You may take whatever you like and use it for your PERSONAL WEB PAGES ONLY as clipart or to create something new. I am truly unsure as to where the original art came from, and so, if you use it commercially in any way, I cannot be responsible for what might become of you.

Be advised that ANY use of graphics from these Scouser Graphics pages is PURELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM REASONABLY SURE THAT IT IS OK...but if I happen to be wrong, please know that you use these items AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Now, I suppose you are all wondering, "What's a bluddy Yank doin' makin' Scouser graphics?" Let's call it penance. (Although, I must admit, it was a very pleasant penance, as I enjoy fussing about with the nice little birdies.) Actually, the real reason is I am looking for a particular gent from the Pool. I thought if I posted these graphics, I might attract me some Brits. And if I attracted me some Brits, I might be able to get them to go and visit a page I did about something that once happened to me. And if they saw that page, they might forward it to all their Brit mates and my tale of woe might then find itself, over time, to the gent I would most like to read it. Many years ago, I had some bad information, and it caused me to injure someone with some terrible words I spoke. I do not know his name, only that he is a Scouser. I would appreciate it if you would read my story. Please visit, "A Scouser Story", then come back here and get your goodies.

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The works on these pages are for the personal use of the downloader on their personal web pages and may not be uploaded to any electronic system or BBS for redistribution nor included in any compact disk (CD-ROM) or collection of any type without my written permission. To do so places the downloader /user at risk of severe fines and penalties for copyright infringement.

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. A link back to my site is appreciated, but not mandatory. You may use the buttons below if you wish. Right-click on your choice to save it to your hardrive and then upload to your own server.

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