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Hurricane Katrina: Information about where to donate,
or purchase products of merchants donating to Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts.


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Hurricane Katrina

September 11th

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Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort


In order to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, I am placing a few links below where you can donate directly:

Catholic Charities USA
In addition to providing emergency services to evacuees, Catholic Charities agencies will provide assistance that will help hurricane victims and communities recover in the long-term. While Katrina's damage is still being evaluated, based on past disasters, the long-term services that Catholic Charities may provide include temporary and permanent housing, mental health counseling, direct assistance beyond food and water to get people back into their homes, job placement counseling, and medical and prescription drug assistance.

Habitat for Humanity
Help rebuild the lives of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, piece by piece, house by house.

Bush - Clinton Katrina Fund
This fund will serve as an umbrella organization for the three special funds established by Governors of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and will focus on collecting donations to assist in the long-term recovery plan for the states affected by this terrible tragedy.

I belong to several groups online of various themes. Below are individuals who are trying to do something to help on their own.

Pixel Painters Katrina Victims Fund
The Pixel Boutique is taking ORIGINAL image donations from digital (pixel) artists. They sell them for $3 and donate the money to the American Red Cross. For more information, click the image above or go here .

Help Victims Of Hurricane Katrina
If your web site is doing anything to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina, consider joining this Webring and join with other sites that are going likewise.


CafePress, using donated designs from their shopkeepers, has created a shop for Katrina Relief. 100% of profits will be donated to Americares and the ASPCA. The shop will be open until November 1, 2005.

I am a CafePress shopkeeper. Because I make my living from these shops, I cannot donate all the proceeds from them. But I can do the following:

AmeriYank's AmeriWear
For the months of September and October 2005, 10% of all my after-tax income from this shop will be donated to Catholic Charities USA.

Mary and Jesus
This shop was opened as a way for me to earn some money to donate to tsunami relief efforts. I have donated 25% of my after-tax profit from this store to Catholic Relief Services, for international relief efforts. From NOW ON, that will be split 50/50 beteen Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA. FOR THE MONTHS of September and October 2005, 50% of ALL proceeds from this shop will be donated to Catholic Charities USA. I regret that for those two months I will not be able to afford to contribute to tsunami relief via Catholic Relief Services. But my country has to come first at this time.

CafePress Referrals
When you open a CafePress (CP) shop from my referral link, CP pays me 5% of the base price of your sales for as long as your shop is open. This costs you nothing. Because I used to be on the local Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity, that organization is very close to my heart. I helped build, albeit in a small way, four homes locally. I believe very strongly in that organization and I know they use their resources very wisely. So, for the next year, until September 2006, I will donate 100% of my after-tax profit on referrals to Habitat for Humanity. When you join CafePress from this link, you will be helping to build new homes for people in need.

A note about taxes: The reason I specify "after-tax profit" is simple. For every penny I earn, the IRS and the State of California will want their tax money. I have to calculate it very carefully to be sure I do not end up with a tax problem. When you are self-employed, taxes work a little differently than when you get a check from your employer.

Design for a Cause

In addition to the efforts of above, a group of CafePress shopkeepers have come together to raise money for various causes. Hurricane Katrina Relief is one of those causes. To check out their designs and shops, visit Design for a Cause.

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