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AmeriYank's birthday cake tubes below were created using a ding from the font, "Parties MT". Some images were created using Blade Pro Presets of my own invention. All were created using Paint Shop Pro.

When you install the tubes, they will be twice as large as they are displayed here, and they will have transparent backgrounds. I reduced the size and made them .jpg files to minimize download time of this display page. The ZIP tube files also include my Terms of Use.

If you need a birthday gift for someone, try my online mini-mall, AmeriYank's AmeriWear. There you will find an assortment of T-shirts, caps, hats, b-b-q aprons, license plate frames, mugs and a whole lot more. All items have been designed by me and are not available any where else.

Please scroll down to see tubes.

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Chocolate Birthday Cake Tubes!

chocolate birthday cake tube white chocolate birthday cake tube

To download the chocolate cakes, click here

Simple Birthday Cake Tubes

simple birthday cake tube 1 simple birthday cake tube 2 simple birthday cake tube 3simple birthday cake tube 4
simple birthday cake tube 5 simple birthday cake tube 6 simple birthday cake tube 7 simple birthday cake tube 8
simple birthday cake tube 9 simple birthday cake tube 10

To download the birthday cake tubes above, click here

3D Birthday Cake Tubes

3D birthday cake tube 1 3D birthday cake tube 2 3D birthday cake tube 3 3D birthday cake tube 4 3D birthday cake tube 5

3D birthday cake tube 6 3D birthday cake tube 7 3D birthday cake tube 8 3D birthday cake tube 9 3D birthday cake tube 10

To download the 3D cakes, click here


Scroll down a wee bit for more birthday cake tubes.

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More Shops for Birthday Ideas

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zazzle.com/flagnation -- more flag designs for birthday gifts
ink.maryandjesus.com -- inspirational and religions designs
zazzle.com/maryandjesus -- more inspirational gifts
cafepress.com/maryandjesus -- more religious gifts

Gem Birthday Cake Tubes

gem birthday cake tube 1 gem birthday cake tube 2 gem birthday cake tube 3 gem birthday cake tube 4 gem birthday cake tube 5

gem birthday cake tube 6 gem birthday cake tube 7 gem birthday cake tube 8 gem birthday cake tube 9

To download the gem cakes, click here

ameriyank angel flies home

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