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Greetings and helloes!

Welcome to AmeriYank's Graphics Farm. Inside, you will find Paint Shop Pro tubes, graphics tools, clipart and more. Tubes can easily be converted to PhotoImpact "stamps".

Whenever possible, files have been converted to work in more then one format. The brushes and gradients come in two formats to help everyone find value, especially Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop users.

Images are available as tubes for Paint Shop Pro, but you may take the JPG examples for use as clip art in any program, just be sure and read my terms of use and FAQ section . I am developing a psd file collection on a different site. Some are already available and there is a link to them on almost every page.

Some of the items you will find on this site are: tubes for Paint Shop Pro, Christian crosses, and clipart. Also included on this site: holiday graphics or images, animation, backgrounds, websets, wallpaper, stationary for Outlook Express, Blade Pro and Hue and Cry presets, screensavers, textures, wallpaper, gradients, brushes, masks, preset shapes, and a font. Special Scouser graphics for Liverpool lovers. Check the links on the left to check things out.

You may find a few things here and there throughout the site that are not up-to-date. I do apologize. I have been diagnosed with DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis. My computer time is severely limited because of my condition. I also have arthritis and a prolapsed disk in my neck. So, I do what I can, when I can and I do not worry about the rest. (smile) I have been seeing a chiropractor and he has helped my neck immensely.

This is a personal site which happens to sell a few things to help defray the costs of a free graphics site. As a result, there is, often, a casual feel to it. This is intentional. I am not a big corporation. I am just one person with a computer in her home. If you find this site useful, I do accept donations to help defray costs. If you find anything useful here, $1.00 donations are accepted via PayPal. Just click on the button below.